Mobilink Features

  1. Sim-Card Compatibility

    Mobilink-Sim cards are compatible with all unlocked Android & Iphone Smartphones. The SIM cards come in three sizes:

    • Standard SIM (15 x 25mm)
    • Micro SIM (12 x 15mm)
    • Nano SIM (8.8 x 12.3mm)

  2. Mobilink-Wallet

    The Mobilink Wallet will be accessible via desktop and the mobile App. It will send, receive and hold Mobilink-Coin in addition to the top 50 crypto-currencies. The Wallet is in development and will be available within a few months after the ICO closes, refer to the roadmap for the timeline.

  3. Mobilink-Exchange

    Mobilink-Exchange will allow you to exchange or trade your Mobilink-Coins directly with BTC, ETH, in addition to the top 50 crypto-currencies. The exchange is in development and will be available via desktop and mobile App. Refer to roadmap for timeline.

  4. Mobilink-Mastercard

    Mobilink Mastercard will be accepted worldwide anywhere MasterCard is accepted whether in person or online.. You can deposit Mobilink-Coin directly into the MasterCard and use it as fiat currency. There will be a Cashback reward of 1%.

  5. Mobilink Ad Platform

    Advertisers pay MOBILINK-Network to show Ads on your Smartphone, the same amount of Ads that you see currently, there will be no increase in Ads or any requirement on your part to do anything. You simply insert the Mobilink-Simcard and turn on your phone to begin using it as you normally do.

    You are exposed to Mobile Ads everyday you use your phone, from simply accessing your emails, to using a search engine, watching movies or playing games. Unlike your current Ads with no benefits whatsoever, Mobilink-Network gives you, the user the benefits by sharing the revenue generated from those Ads. Mobilink-Network operates at the Internet Service Provider (ISP) level.