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Introduction to

MOBILINK-COIN ICO has partnered with Mobilink-Network to be the First Decentralized Mobile Telecom Company using blockchain technology. Digital Ad Revenues pay for all voice and data usage costs.

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How It

  • Aug - 2015

    Interconnection with 170 Telecom Carriers worldwide

  • July - 2016

    Advanced Ad Platform Development

  • April - 2017

    MOBILINK-Network & MOBILINK-COIN Conceptualized

  • June - 2017

    Research & Development for MOBILINK-COIN ICO Project

  • Aug - 2017

    Implementation & Build Out of MOBILINK-COIN Project

  • Nov - 2017

    Completing Front-End & Back-End for ICO

  • Feb - 20 - 2018

    Pre-ICO Launch

  • Mar - 15 - 2018

    ICO Public Sale Launch

  • April - 15 - 2018

    End of ICO

  • April - 2018

    Integration of Ad-Platform, and development of Wallet & Exchange

  • May - 2018

    MOBL Listing on Exchanges

  • Jun - 2018

    Interconnection Partnership Expansion

  • July - 2018

    First Batch of SIM Cards Shipment To Be Released

  • Aug - 2018

    Wallet & Exchange Release

  • Oct - 2018

    Ad Platform Beta Release and Ad Rev Share Distribution

  • Apr - 2019

    Acquire 3% of Smartphone Market

  • Oct - 2020

    Acquire 6% of Smartphone Market

Mobilink Features

Sim-Card Compatibility

Mobilink-SimCard is compatible with all unlocked Smartphones

Mobilink Ad Platform

Advertisers pay MOBILINK to show Ads on your Smartphone, the profits are then distributed to all MOBL holders.


Trade your Mobilink-Coins directly with BTC, ETH, in addition to the top 50 crypto-currencies


Mobilink Prepaid Card will be accepted worldwide anywhere MasterCard is accepted.


Mobilink-Wallet accepts Mobilink-Coin in addition to the top 50 crypto-currencies

Details of the ICO


Total Supply Amount: 9 Billion MOBL Tokens

Total Public Sale Amount: 3.1 Billion MOBL Tokens

Sale Distribution Private Sale Public Presale Public ICO Sale
Hard/Soft Cap $10M / $3M $36M / $5M
$194M / $20M
(accumulative includes previous round totals)
Participants Strategic Partners Non- USA/CA Non- USA/CA
Period Dec-20 to Feb-20 Feb-21 to Mar-14 Mar-15 to May-5
Min Contribution $300 USD $300 USD $300 USD
Token Sale Bonuses 33%(Bonus Requires $3000 Min) 25%(Bonus Requires $3000 Min) 20%

Featured In

Who We Work With

Our Team

MOBILINK ICO is a jointly founded organization, whose concept and creation was a group effort by a large team of highly creative and dedicated people. It was a very complicated and innovative puzzle that needed specific, unique pieces from people located all over the world in many different industries and specializations. Our team consists of telecom experts, analysts, strategic planners, developers, designers, Blockchain experts and cryptographers, social media experts, entrepreneurs and business professionals. Our Advisers include telecom, Blockchain and marketing experts.


Rob Solidium

CEO Mobilink Network Inc.

18 Years Experience in the Telecommunication Industry. VOIP - Roaming Provider and Aggregarator of telecommunication systems on both voice and data traffic. Expert on telecom bilateral and unilateral agreements. Currently interconnected with some of the largest telecom carriers worldwide.


Conrado Vasquez

Asia Pacific Telecommunications Interconnection Manager

Currently connected with Asia Pacific Network both for VOIP Telecommunications and Systems Integration Markets. Consults with top foreign and local companies for business development and strategies.


Brian Thompson

Technology Manager, Crypto Investor and Analyst

Brian Thompson is an IT consultant passionate about all things tech and crypto. Brian believes everyone should use technology and enjoys bridging the gap between hyper technical and the everyday user. Brian started Techmi, LLC where he consults, researches and teaches technology. Brian holds a degree in computer programming and database administration.


Steven Dennis

CTO, Technical Strategist, Research & Development

Multidisciplinary specialist in Technology Management, Software Architecture, Requirements Engineering, Quality Assurance and Project Management. 10+ years of leadership and management experience.


JC Magbiro

IT Analyst

Develop, test, install, configure and troubleshoot computer hardware and software. Identified and investigated risks using a variety of applications and processes. Knowledge of security controls, concepts and security management practices, security architecture, security operations, and security modeling.


William Li

Lead Telecom Engineer

Masters in Electronic Engineering, Datacenter Project Manager, Computer and Technical Engineer, Over 15 years‘ experience in Data Center Infrastructure Management and Control. Over 10 years experienced in Both Voice, Data traffic and interconnections with worldwide telecom carriers.


Owen Samuelson

Finance Manager, Logistics Integrator

Strategic financial management and responsibilities for planning, implementing, managing, and controlling all financial-related activities of a company. Exceptional business acumen and ability to drive partnership, alignment and communication across functional, business and geographic lines.


Nicole Pottinger

CIO, Administration, Operations Manager

Over 10 years‘ experience Building, leading, managing and inspiring multiple sales and admin teams. Developed and implemented annual budgets and long-term business plans to achieve maximum profitability.


Jonathan Paulo

Technical Analyst, IT Specialist

More than 10 years of I.T. Bachelor's in Information & Technology. Experienced in several different environments, pre sales, post sales and admin support. In addition he is exposed to different hardware platforms, knowledgable in virtualization applications and other production tools. He holds several IT certificates from HP, Cisco, Microsoft and IBM.


Karlene Wright

Information Security, Systems & Database

Experience in developing and evaluating security documentation for information systems, and industrial control systems, in a commercial or governmental organization with detailed processes for managing and controlling information systems security risks.


Ernesto M. Barro Jr

Telecom Manager, Senior Adviser

More than 30 years of experience in the Telecoms Industry, CEO Event Mobile Telecom, to date half of it leads to exposure in the Carrier Voice Business, Roaming, SMS and Data Services, Traffic/Calls Destinations Management concerning Local and International Interconnection, lead and plan a roadmap for the business team to enhance the current business.


Taranjit Kaur

Web Developer & Programmer



Kevin Labedesos

Technical Analyst, Networking Engineer

Network Specialist with detailed knowledge of Cisco products and routing platforms. Experienced in planning, designing, building and implementing network systems LAN/WAN.


Joan Bonifacio

Software Developer

Has a strong knowledge and theory of systems development life cycle and analysis techniques. Designs, develops, implements and maintains existing and newly created digital infrastructure.

Our Advisors


Ian Scarffe

Blockchain | ICO Advisor

Ian Scarffe is a serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant with business experience from around the world. A leading expert in Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto industries, Ian is at the very heart of revolutionizing the financing industry across the globe and currently consults and advises for a range of multi-million dollar companies.


Inbal Vakshi

Telecom International Interconnection CEO BTel

Over 14 years‘ of experience as a telecom carrier and operator, with thousands of clients worldwide, and providing millions of international voice and data transmission minutes monthly to worldwide carriers.


Justine Glenn Felix-Philippines


Bounty Manager and Social Media Marketing Professional. He formulates new innovative ways to grow online communities and followers.


Nathan Christian

ICO advisor | Blockchain Technology Consultant | ICO Campaign Manager

Rated Top 10 People of Blockchain | Editor for Crypto World Media | Keynote Speaker | Consulting | Training | Communications & Development in Blockchain | Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrency


Sean Ryer

Software, Cloud and Blockchain Technology Solutions Engineer

Technology Evangelist, Microsoft Certified Professional and experienced Solutions Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Passionate about cloud solutions, Blockchain technology and IT security.


Viktor Petrov

CEO Tokenget, Blockchain Development

I have spent last 7 years studying freemium business model in games. I love gaming KPIs. I'm expert in monetization, engagement, retention. Managed 120+ people, $2M MRR.


Rini Souliga

Sale and Marketing Account Manager, Mobilink

Rini is a network marketing expert with cross industry expertise in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and telecommunications. Over the years she has used her expertise to build multiple network marketing companies and has helped them grow their sales.


Erez Ze'ev Fishler

Project Manager Europe Mobilink

Involved in the field of digital currencies for the last 5 years, currency trader and a consultant for ico's around the world. Owner of Blockchain Technologies' brand and an expert in clearing and payment solutions.


James Marcus

Strategy, Entrepreneur, Wireless & Telecom

An experienced builder of companies, innovator and lover of technology. With over 30 years of starting businesses that sustained steady growth and profitability. Recently focusing on the development and innovation of cryptocurrency in the global commerce industries.


Olga Szyncel

Sales and Marketing Specialist

Olga is an experienced sales and marketing specialist with expertise in multiple industries including telecommunications and various forms of advertising. She has also worked with large corporate accounts in the logistics and shipping industry. Speaking English, French, Polish and Italian allows Olga to communicate with ease and professionalism with clients internationally.


Brandon Itzkovitz

IT Support, Mobilink

Brandon holds two degrees in cell biology and experimental medicine but has a passion for technology and sales. He currently works at a Fortune 500 IT Solution provider as a sales executive supporting large enterprise accounts in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Brandon is a blockchain enthusiast and has been involved in the community since 2011.