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Introduction to

MOBILINK-COIN ICO has partnered with Mobilink-Network to be the First Decentralized Mobile Telecom Company using blockchain technology. Digital monthly revenues based on Proof of Participation pay for all voice and data usage costs.

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How It

  • Aug - 2015

    Interconnection with 170 Telecom Carriers worldwide

  • July - 2016

    Advanced Ad Platform Development

  • April - 2017

    MOBILINK-Network & MOBILINK-COIN Conceptualized

  • June - 2017

    Research & Development for MOBILINK-COIN ICO Project

  • Aug - 2017

    Implementation & Build Out of MOBILINK-COIN Project

  • Nov - 2017

    Completing Front-End & Back-End for ICO

  • Feb - 20 - 2018

    Pre-ICO Launch

  • Mar - 15 - 2018

    ICO Public Sale Launch

  • April - 15 - 2018

    End of ICO

  • April - 2018

    Integration of Ad-Platform, and development of Wallet & Exchange

  • May - 2018

    MOLK Listing on Exchanges

  • Jun - 2018

    Interconnection Partnership Expansion

  • July - 2018

    First Batch of SIM Cards Shipment To Be Released

  • Aug - 2018

    Wallet & Exchange Release

  • Oct - 2018

    Ad Platform Beta Release and Ad Rev Share Distribution

  • Apr - 2019

    Acquire 3% of Smartphone Market

  • Oct - 2020

    Acquire 6% of Smartphone Market

Mobilink Features

Sim-Card Compatibility

Mobilink-SimCard is compatible with all unlocked Smartphones

Mobilink Ad Platform

Advertisers pay MOBILINK to show Ads on your Smartphone, the profits are then distributed to all MOLK holders.


Trade your Mobilink-Coins directly with BTC, ETH, in addition to the top 50 crypto-currencies


Mobilink Prepaid Card will be accepted worldwide anywhere MasterCard is accepted.


Mobilink-Wallet accepts Mobilink-Coin in addition to the top 50 crypto-currencies

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Who We Work With

Our Success Model: Proof of Participation

Our groundbreaking concept ensures that ongoing Proof of Participation (“PoP”) intrinsically adds value to the coin. Mobilink-Coin has built a one-of-a-kind eco-system that utilizes various aspects of cryptocurrency, a transparent wallet application (Mobi-Wallet) and a built-in crypto-exchange (Mobi-Exchange), backed by a viable, highly sought-after product and service.

Mobilink-SIM cardholders receive their monthly talk, text and data services at no cost to the end user. What makes this possible are four components that, upon combining, create a highly dynamic methodology to provide an increasingly stronger valuation as participation increases.

1. Mobi-Card

A percentage of Mobi-Card transaction are routed through the PoP, which provides an overall valuation in combination with the other three key components.

2. Digital Interface with Servers

The digital interface with servers, aspects involving variables with telecoms, and the switch command structure of linked roaming are a combined naturally occurring industry benefit tied into PoP. The results are a modality that produces monetary valuation of the coin, is not influenced by exchanges or the market. The value strictly comes from all the Mobilink-SIM card users within the global network.

3. Mobi-Wallet

A percentage is rerouted via the PoP into the collective system that provides valuation.

4. Mobi-Exchange

Just as with the Mobi-Wallet, there is a percentage rerouted via the PoP to flow into the collective system providing the valuation.

It is undeniable that our framework is ironclad and that our platform is remarkably unique. When we combine the above four components for valuation, Mobilink-Coin builds tremendous value through PARTICIPATION, INTEGRITY AND TRANSPARENCY.

Participation directly correlates to the value of the coin. We know there is a significant worldwide population who will enjoy the benefits of having unlimited talk, text and data every month at no cost to them. These are our users…our participants. As participation increases, the value of the coin increases.

Through our own wallet and exchange, the valuation of Mobilink-Coin becomes an intrinsically transparent process whereby users benefit from exceptional wallet/exchange rates, no hidden time delays and no surprise or unpublished fees. The Mobi-Exchange is fully transparent and only allows coins of equal integrity and transparency. This unique modality utilizes Proof of Participation as its means of valuation. Simply put, our success model is based on participation = valuation.

As the Mobilink ecosystem is affected by participation, the collective increase in valuation promotes the overall increased value of the coin, hence affecting all Mobilink-Coin owners. In the same way, as participation increases, the four modalities collectively add to the coin's overall valuation. More users means higher participation, which translates to higher value of the coins.

The value of this project is enormous and is fully contingent upon Participation. This streamlined program is simple, straightforward and is equally as transparent as the Mobilink-Coin, Wallet and Exchange. We look forward to you becoming part of our Mobilink family.

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